Friday, June 6, 2008

Ready for some fun!!

Today is the day Jon, Kelly, Anthony and I are leaving for are weekend get away to Las Vegas, NV. I am extremely excited. For one this is the first vacation I am going on with Jon without having to share a room with other family!!! :) We planned to go to Toxic Audio and the Tourment of the Kings Friday night, but half of it was shattered when we found out on Wednesday that Toxic Audio's show was cancelled for that night. But we still have to dinner to go to. Tourment of the KIngs I am more anxious to see than anything else we planned. The description of the dinner/show is that you have to eat only with your hands and you are on a team and you have to do some stuff for your team. On Saturday, that is the day Kelly and I are going to get ourselves pampered!! We are going to go and get a massage and then shopping for some clothes for the show that night. We also are going to layout then too. YAY! for our new swimsuits we got! But anyways. . . . Saturday's night show is stomp out loud. This one is going to be Great!! we have second row seats and can't wait to seee them live. Sunday we are going to sleep in and enjoy slowly going home. Do a little more shopping then head home so we can wake up the next morning to go to work. :) Kelly and I are going to be taking a lot pictures so I will psot them when I get back. Well let the fun BEGIN!!! :)