Monday, June 29, 2009

Crazy 8's

8 things I'm look forward to...
- 4th of July
- July family beach house vacation in Cali
- Finding out the sex of our baby! :)
- Buying our home

- 3rd wedding anniversay
- Joe and Lacey coming home
- Holidays to come
- The birth of our child :)

8 things I did yesterday...
- Picked up the group at the trail head
- Gave Jon a hug and a kiss
- Drove home
- had some good food
- Relaxed
- Watched Jon play video games
- Cuddled with Jon while watching a movie
- Enjoyed getting into my bed at home.

8 things i love...
- Jon
- Our baby
- Parents
- Family
- Friends
- Family get togethers
- indoor soccer
- Growing together as a family

8 books I like to read...
- Twilight
- New Moon
- Eclipse- Breaking Dawn
- Chronicles of Narnia
- The Host
- fantasy
- History

8 places I'd love to visit
- Europe
- Alaska
- Hawaii
- Africa
- South America
- Australia
- Montana
- Some random place
- Meaning we go to the airport and get the next flight out to anywhere and go to explore it. (from Yes Man)

8 people I tag
- Holli
- Kathy
- Lacey
- Amanda
- Kari
- Andee
- Angie
- LeElla

Monday, June 15, 2009

testing today. .

So today I went in for blood and ultrasound testing. Since my sister has Spina bifida I am put in high risk for having a child with Spina Bifida. So the 2-part test will tell us if the baby does have Spina bifida, Down Syndrome or Trismony 18. I won't know till about the end of July if the baby has any of these. So far the ultrasound test was normal. Meaning so far they cannot tell if the baby has Downs. The Spina Bifida and Trismony 18 won't have a result or where I fall on the scale till after the second blood draw after July 18th. I will keep everyone updated on what happens. Hopefully I can post the AWESOME ultrasound pictures later. I will have to scan them in.

Oh and on a side note. They measured the baby to be a week behind. Meaning that my OB will most likely push my due date back to January 3rd. Ugh. Another week I have to wait.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I have a lot of people tell me what sex the baby might be. Therefore I have decided to put up a poll. Go ahead and cast your vote. We won't know till the beginning of August on what the baby's sex is. I will post the answer once we find out!

Happy voting!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby's frist picture

Today was my first pre-natal appointment. IT was amazing! We heard that baby's heartbeat and got the baby's first picture taken. My doctor had a hard time getting a good picture because the baby was stubborn and wouldn't move to a good picture taking position. Don't worry I will have another ultrasound next week. And I will post that one also. Everything so far is healthy and strong. More pictures to come soon.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Update. . .

pregnancy calendar

Well I am 10 weeks along now. I haven't any bad symptoms of pregnancy, only being extremely tried on and off during the day. And the other night I started crying and I couldn't get myself to stop. Man, hormones are hard to control. lol I have my first pre-natal appointment next Wednesday. And from what I have heard from friends and family that it is really exciting to hear the hearbeat. So it has been a date I have been looking forward to for the last month or so.

We are really excited for everything that is going to happen the next couple months. It is going to be busy and exciting. Trip after trip with every weekend full of friends and family. I don't know if we will ever be able to relax till the end of July.

I will put some pictures up soon of Memorial Day and other family and friend gatherings. And maybe I will put of pictures of me as the baby grows? What do you think?