Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just some pictures. . . . . .

One of my favorite pictures. She was laying on my lap in the hospital wrapped in the soccer blanket my Mom's co-worker made for her. 

Jon's favorite picture of Natalie and I. It was a very precious moment that he captured.

Natalie wrapped up all cute by the nurse to help her feel more comfortable with gas. She was so little all balled up. lol

Sleeping nice and sound. 

Dad and daughter sleeping in. 

Again Dad and Daughter sleeping together. Natalie just loves cuddling up with Dad. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She is here. . . .

Natalie was 1 week overdue so I was scheduled to be induced. I went in on Thursday night to start the cytotac which softens me and can sometimes start contractions on some women. For me it did start my contractions. They started to get big and I got the epidural around 11:30pm. Which helped with the pain a lot. :) Jon and I were almost asleep when 5 people rushed into my room rolled me over, gave me a shot to stop the contractions and to break my water. Natalie's heart rate had dropped for too long during a big contraction. After that they had me off the cytotac and put me on the lowest does of pitocin which brought the big contractions back and again Natalie's heart rate dropped during a big one and they had to stop the contractions yet again. Throughtout Friday they tried the pitocin and had to stop the contractions 3 times because Natalie's heart rate would drop during the contractions needed to give birth. Around 7pm Friday, the new nurse who had just started her shift came to introduce herself and to start yet again the pitocin. 

Once she started the pitocin and a big contraction came Natalie's heart rate went down again and they stopped the labor. At that point my OB had been off her shift and the covering doctor was watching me. So Dr. Brown (covering doctor) had the nurse take my vitals to make sure I was okay. And unfortuanely I had a fever. Which pointed to infection on the fluid and that Natalie could have the infection also. Dr. Brown didn't waste anytime and rushed me in for an emergency c-section right before 8pm. I was under the knife and nervous as no other but 8pm. They had Natalie out at 8:14pm. Jon was with me in the OR and at first I didn't hear Natalie cry until Jon asked me if I heard her. She cried a 2nd time and I heard her. They cleaned her up and made sure that she was all okay, wrapped her up and handed her to Jon. He was crying and the said "hi Natalie" Then he put her by my face so I got to see her. Then he said "I'm holding a baby". lol :) During the rest of the surgery I could not stand being in there I just wanted to get out. I asked like 10 times when they were going to be done. Plus I was shaking like no other. They got me out by 8:45pm and was back in the labor and delivery room I had been in 20 hours prior to surgery. I was shaking so bad and the only way I was able to stop shaking was to sleep. My parents came in and saw little Natalie before I was transferred to recovery. 

Natalie and I after we were transferred up to recovery. I am a little tired and still shaking. The shaking lasted til the next morning. I had an iv in my arm for a total of 4 days for I had to have antibiotics for the infection. I had to have help to get in and out of bed for 3 days. And I was in the hospital for a total of about 5 days due to having a c-section. Jon was a sweetheart and stayed with me and slept on the uncomfortable couch every night.

Natalie was extremely healthy and strong. She has a full head of hair and already kicks those legs like she is a soccer player. :) She loves to snort when she cries and according to Jon is quiet when she cries. 

Jon and I both love her to pieces and are extremely excited she is here. She was born on Friday, January 8th, 2010 @ 8:14pm and weighed 7lbs 3oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.