Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can't I just read?

So this pass week I have came to the conclusion no matter how hard you try to relax and enjoy a good book , it's not going to happen. Everytime so far this week I have been trying to read my book Chronicles of Narnia, something comes up. Either we are house sitting which includes watering plants, playing and feeding the dogs and cats and cleaning. Or bachelor party goes all wrong (meaning that it doesn't even happen) and we decide to go to a movie instead. Or my car breaks down while I am at the DLD at 6:00 in the morning. I don't regret being busy with life. But hopefully sometime this weekend I will be able to finish my book, so by Monday I can have the fourth Twlight book ("The Breaking Dawn") in my hands. lol

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Ride to Moab on July 4th. . . .

Well I said that I would put this story up....
On the way down to Moab we drove thru Helper (which they are doing construction on the highway right now). We were just coming out of the construction zone when Jon was caught speeding. Jon didn't know what the speed limit was for the construction zone. So we were laughing while the lady officer was back at her car writing up the speeding ticket. Then she came back and asked if the car was Jon's. We told that that it is just under my name but it is our car. So she went back and then she came back and said "Marissa will you please step out of the car" Jon turned to me and we were both stunted on why she wanted me to get out of the car. Then she said "We have a warrant out for your arrest". So scared, surprised and worried I open the door and hit the officer that was on the other side of the car. I didn't even know that he was there. oops! LOL So I get my flip flops on and step out of the car. Then they ask me if I remembered getting a ticket sometime in November of 2007. I didn't remember it, but after I was able to relax and think about. It was around the time Garrick was having brain surgery and I had forgotten about the ticket. The ticket was only for no registration and no proof of insuance. But they had to handcuff me and take me in. lol I was scared at first till they told me that I will be in and out. They wanted to get me in and out because there female side of the jail was overflowing. Which was a surprise to me cause it was such a small town. The lady officer was nice about it. She has to take me in and do the paper work for me. While she was doing that Jon had to go to the atm and withdraw $440 to bail me out. lol Yes I had my picture taken and finger printed. While we were waiting for the front desk to bring down the reciept of Jon paying cash to get me out. . . the lady officier came out and gave me my BOOKED paperwork. While she was walking down she was eating a donut. I said to her "hey you, no eating on the job" she said "what do you expect, it's a donut!" I said "oh I forgot it comes with the outfit" She couldn't stop laughing walking back. lol
It was a gruling 30 minutes in jail. And all I had to do was to take off my flipflops. lol When I walked out of the jail to the car, Jon locked the doors rolled down the window and said "Are you going cause any more trouble little lady" I laughed and he let me in. We laughed the rest of the way down to Moab and I also found out that Jon called his entire family and texted our friends on what happened. It was an experience that I never want to go thru again but yet glad that it didn't get any worse.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

4th of July weekend

The 4th of July was a GREAT 3 day weekend for me. Unfortunely Jon worked the day of the 4th. Only because he get double time and a half for working. So I went with my parents to good old Delta for the parade in the morning. If you ever want to go to a good parade go to Delta's. With other parades I have been too, Delta's throws a lot more stuff to the crowd. They don't just throw candy. They throw Otter Pops, books, toys, treats for dogs and sometimes they hand out ice cream! It was the first Delta parade my niece Arcadia as been too. So with the help of me, Kylee and Trevor we thought her how to collect the candy. After the parade we went over to Gammy's and Lug's house to have lunch. Sloppy joe's, fruit salad (one of my favorites), potatoe salad (Home-made by Gammy, in return everyone fights over the last bit of it), olives, and potatoe chips were on the menu. We stayed and had are good ole' ice cream afte lunch, then we all head home in time to do stuff with the other sides of the family.

When Jon got off work we headed down to Moab for his family reunion. There is a extra story to this which will be in the the post above this. lol But anyways. Jon and I arrive in Moab just in time for the fireworks. They were awesome. Jon's cousion Mel Atwood bought a lot of fireworks to set off and SPARKLERS (my favorite)! Saturday came, and we all woke up early to help clean up Grandma's (Jon's mom's mom) house and yard. The day before Jon and I got there they had cut down some branches on one of the trees. Come to find out they accidently cut down a Woodpeckers home. It was just a young woodpecker, but it was extremely scared. It kept flying over to us and either standing on someones shoulder or handing right off their shirt. In attempt to get the bird to a tree to give it a new home, it kept flying back to hang on someone else. Jon tried himself to get the bird to like a new tree. But the first didn't work and it came right back and hung on Jon's shirt. Jon was getting a little sick of it, for he wanted to get the work done so we all could play. So instead of him taking it to a tree next door, he walked it to the park and put the bird on one of the trees in the park. That was the last time anyone saw the Woodpecker.
Once we got all the work done we all went in and had lunch and gathered around the player piano (which was the first piece of furniture Grandma and Grandpa bought) and sang songs. We did a lot that night. . . . we played cards, painted a wood calendar for grandma's birthday (which is the 4th of July) and we play some hard core baseball. After all the fun we all gathered in the family room and sang more songs with the player piano and shared great memories that we had with Grandma. It was a fun time and a great memorie that will last.
Sunday morning Jon and I went home early for we had a lot of laundry to do. Moab dirt is hard to get out of anything. lol

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Vegas Results!

Well I know it has been a little while but here are the results from our vegas trip. We had a great time. We left at 4:00 AM. The boys drank those 5-hour energy shots to help them stay all night and drive to Vegas. We arrived in Vegas 9:00 am (Vegas time). We went to Denny's for breakfast. Then we all were all so tired that we went to see if they would let us into our rooms early. They were able to let us in to one on them. We all slept till 4:00 pm. Then we got ready and went and walked the strip for a little bit.

We first went into MGM and say the kittys (lions). Were you can walk uder them they were sleeping right above us. I am too short to be able to touch them . :(

That is Anthony's hand trying to touch the lion. Even though you can just feel the glass. lol
We had to stop by the M&M factory. That is where we all got new sunglasses and saw the M&M movie "I lost my my M in Vegas".

Jon is trying out for the Captain pose off. j/k. But I think he would win! Kelly kind of looks like she is trying to grab something. lol That frame thing is right before the movie we saw.
At 8:30 we had tickets for Tourament of the Kings dinner show. We had so much fun at that show. We had front row seats and we were on the evil side. If you have not been to one of these shows, you should go. They have you on different sides. We were on the Dragon's side. We all lost our voices. And the announcer came around right before the show and talked to us. He called Anthony a "boy band wannabe". It was really one of the best times of my life going to that show.

All four of us right before the show started.

After the show the "Dragon" came out with his beautiful horse. I can't remember what kind of horse he was, but his coat was amazingly soft and a beautiful black.
The second night we had gotten tickets to the Stomp Out Loud show. All of us went shopping the day of and got new outfits for the show. I loved the dress I got. It was on sale! And I got new shoes too. Kelly's dress was the first dress she tired on and I believe that it was on sale also! We all got dressed up and pretty. It felt nice to pamper ourselves.

Jon and I asking what is that!

One of the guys from the show. He has a HUGE mouth. The show was so funny. We all couldn't stop laughing and the music was amazing. There was not that much talking in the entire show. I am not going to give all the comedy secerts just in case you go and see it. We were really happy that we chose this show to see out of all the others.

Kelly and I had to get a picture with the guy. He was really sweet.

We were so amazed with how HUGE his mouth was we had to compare Anthony's and his.
Who's do you think is bigger??

Kelly and I loved getting dressed up we couldn't not take a picture of us and oue hair!

My hunny bunny looked so handsome that night!

I just had to put this one on cause I took that picture! lol
After the show we went to dinner at Camelot the steakhouse inside of the hotel Excalibur (the hotel we stayed in). It was a really good dinner! We were going home the next day, but we decide to pack up and leave later in the day. We didn't leave till 5:00 Sunday night. And we all had work the next morning. lol We had a great time and we are going to do it again. After we save up the money again.