Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun times!

In about 5 days I will be going back to work. It is going to be hard to leave Natalie for a full day. I know I am going to cry some on the first day but the day after I get to stay home with her. Before I had Natalie my supervisor approved that I could work 4- 10 hour days so we didn't have to put Natalie in a daycare. And now we have all family taking care of her while we are at work. :) 
Natalie is getting so big and she is now smiling. Her Uncle Anthony bought her a tie-dyed outfit to match his shirt he got. 
Anthony and Natalie @ Colorpin in there matching outfits. 
The socks are a little big on her, but maybe getting baby shinguards would make them work. ;)

This last week I was given the okay to start doing physical work outs again. So I have start P90 again and been trying to do it everyday. It will be hard with a little one around who needs us. But I am confident that I am going to finish the full 90 day program. :) I was also able to play indoor soccer again! It had been a long time since I have been able to run so I was a little nervous but yet very excited to play. Honestly I did better during the soccer game than I thought I would have. I even have a mark to prove it. The good thing was when I got the mark I had won the battle. hahahaha!

 Isn't it beautiful? This picture was taken 3 days after I got it. According to Jon and others it looks worse than it did before. The day after I got it, it was hard to walk on or even kneel on my knee. Now it doesn't even hurt unless you poke it.