Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

This Chirstmas was a busy with alot of snow. First Jon and I went to Jon's Father's house for breakfast. After breakfast and presents Jon and his brother's went to dig his Mom"s house from the huge snow storm they had, so that she could come over later in the day. Once he was back we left to go back home to get things ready to go over to my sister's house for Christmas dinner with my family. It was nice to be able to be with both sides of the family on Christmas Day. We are blessed to be able to be with them this year.

Here are some pictures from our fun day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Birthday. . .was fantastic!

So yesterday (Dec. 23rd) was my 22nd brithday. I had a great day. Jon was the best. Kelly took me after work to get a pedicure. I had to warn Jon that it was red nail polish and not blood. lol But Jon did a little surprise party for me at Kelly and Anthony's house. It was fun and cute. There was a pinata and we played pool before we went out to dinner. For my birthday/Christmas/2 year anniversary got upgraded my wedding ring, so to say. He got my original ring from Morgan Jewelers in which they have a thing were you can trade in you old diamond for a upgrade. This is what it looks like. . .

The 3 diamonds on each side are going to change. We are going to put blue sapphires in the middle of each set of 3. We had to order them so they aren't in yet. But I will put up a picture when it is finished. I love the ring. And so does Jon because it doesn't scratch him as much as the original ring did. lol We were able to keep the wrap from my original ring. So in the later years we will add a diamond to it and give it to one of our kids for when they get married. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. It was a fantastic day. I will put up more pictures once I get them on my computer.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trevor's 1st basketball game

On Saturday December 6 our nephew Trevor had his first basketball game. He has never played on a basketball team before. He did pretty well for his first game. It was the first family event that I had my new camera to take pictures. Trevor is number 13 on the white team. They didn't win the game but they had a good game. Can't wait to see him play again.

Fuji Film Brite Green Camera

I got a new camera for my birthday!! :) I have been telling Jon for about a year now that I need a new camera. My old camera would only hold 51 pictures. I know, I know I could just get a new memory card. But after some research my old camera was not compatable to any other better memory cards. So Jon looked online and bought me a new camera for my birthday. I love it! Ans it's green!! It will make it easy when I need to find it. Now that my new camera is small enough rather than a brick like my old camera. I have it with me wherever I go. You never know when you are going to need. :) Since I now have a camera that I will hull around with me everywhere there will be alot more pictures.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Review

Twilight at midnight was the best decision I could make. It was more than I expected. It covered everything that it needed too. There were some differences from the book but you have to be looking for them to find them. Rob was amazing and Kristen is the best Bella I ever thought they could have gotten. Now we just have to wait for the 2nd movie. It is going to be hard to wait, but I believe it will be well worth it. After seeing the movie. I now know the real reason why Harry Potter pushed their release date back to July of next year. Twilight is going to win. I am thinking that that I am going to go and see it again this weekend!! If you haven't seen it go and see as soon as you can! It is the best book turned movie I have ever seen. I can talk about it all day. But you can't get the real feeling from it unless you go and see it yourself. So go and see it and then tell me how you liked or disliked it!! love ya all!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Twilight midnight show!

I am so excited! I am going to the midnight showing of Twilight on November 21st at 12:01 am!!

Here is a extended fight scene from the movie. (Thanks Kathy!)

Hope you enjoy it!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I can't get enough!

I don't know if you know but I LOVE movies! Jon thinks that I am crazy at times. But if I buy a movie that I enjoy I can watch it over and over and over and over again! Just ask Holli! lol She was my blockbuster when we lived in California and I would borrow movies over and over and over again. That summer I bet I watched Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire about 200 times. We bought Ironman 2 weeks ago and I believe that I have watched it about five or six times.

One of my all time favorite movies is scheduled to come out tomorrow. . . The Hulk. This movie is better than the one that came out a few years ago. And plus it has a tie into the movie Ironman. I have to wait patiently to buy it when we have the funds for it but you can count on me to have it soon. lol When Jon and I do get our own place with a mortgage I would love to have a wall full of movies that both Jon and I love!

Plus when I went on choir tour to San Francisco in 2005 I found a store just on the bay that had a lot of freeze frames of some of my favorite Disney movies. . . .Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast and some others. I still have not framed them but I sure do plan too. I am also trying to find some other freeze frames from other Disney movies.

Wal-Mart is not good when you reach the $5 a DVD display. The last time Jon and I were pulling in by the $5 a DVD display was about a month ago. We left Wal-Mart with 16 DVDs. We are now going thru WDA(Wal-Mart DVDs Anonymous) meetings with our good friends Kelly and Anthony. All of us are on step two, don't go into the entertainment section of Wal-Mart. Is has been hard but we are getting there


When the time comes. . . .

Jon and I have been planning to have a lot on our plates for the next three to four years. As some currently know we are living with my parents at the moment. We are planning to have all of our debt (not including car payments) paid off by April 2009. And hopefully own our own home by June of July of 2009. We still have to figure out what we want to do to get all of our furniture for our new home and such, but that decision is going to come when it's really necessary. Hopefully by either spring or summer semestre Jon will be able to start school to become a high school math teacher. I am in school now to become a elementary teacher.

Hearing little feet running around the house is one of our dreams. But we don't really know when we are going to try to have children. It may be two years or it may be four. We both have different and similar dreams. . . I would love a room full of books of mine and Jon's favorites. I have already made a list of about 54 which I have calculated to be around $700 total for the lot. Oh and we can't forget Jon's favorite series The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan which the sequel Memory of The Light is coming out October of 2009.
Jon would love to build his own computer so he could have the best computer to play one of his favorite online game. . .World of Warcraft.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Walk for Suicide Prevention. . .

The Walk for suicide prevention took place on Saturday, September 27,2008. I find out about the walk from my close friend Carly, who also lost a loved one to suicide. I formed a team together full of family and friends. We walked in memory of Garrick. In hope that we can help somehow we could help another family or person to get educated about suicide and the effects it can take on anyone who loses a loved one to suicide. We were raising money for THE AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION.

If you want to learn more about the AFSP, go to

The Group getting ready to line up for the walk.

My co-worker Susan with her family, ready to walk!

My sister Jeri with Richard and his family, wife Amanda, daughters Arcadia and Mekensy (she is in the stroller).

Kylee and Trevor ready to walk!

Some of Garrick's close friends who came to support us at the walk!

Some more of Garrick's friends Devin and Colton. Colton better be ready to walk if he has ran marathons! :)

Jon, Kelly and Anthony juggling the soccer ball back and forth waiting to walk the 3 miles around Wheeler Farm.

Damomma Dott (Jon's mom), Shawn (Jon's brother) and Daea lined up and ready for the releasing of the doves before the walk.

Richard and Trevor walking together on the 3 mile walk around Wheeler Farm.

The Group after the long walk. Everyone is exhausted and are ready for a long nap! :) And we are also waiting for the drawing for prizes! Shawn (Jon's brother) ended up winning a free fooseball table. Mom (Jeanne) won a free Ping Pong table. Which was interesting when Ping Pong was one of Garrick's favorite games to play. And Damomma Dott won a $100 gift certificate to a Laser Hair Removal Center.

Jon wanting some more water. And can you tell that it was a really bright day!

Kelly and Anthony enjoying a laugh with us about how the energy drink mixed didn't taste as good as it looks.

Damomma Dott enjoying her slice of Great Harvest Wheat bread with honey. YUMMMMYYY!!!

The Walk was a sucess! We raised a lot of money and there were many other people there. Hopefully we will have the same turn out at the other walks in the future I am planning to be a team captain for. Thank You to everyone who has supported me and family in this hard time. If you want to be apart of the next walk I will put up a post about the next walk as soon as I know. If you are not in my area. You can go to the and look up upcaoming walks in your area. Thanks to everyone for youe support! I love you all!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 23rd our 2 year anniversary!

Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary. It was amazing! Jon had the day off from work. I didn't take the day off because I thought that we weren't going to be able to do anything because I have school on Tuesdays nights. But on Monday after I had received some flowers at work from Jon, he asked if there was anyway I could skip school just this once. I was able to too but I did need to go and turn in my homework. Then he asked me if I could get the day off. By my work of magic I was able to get Anna to cover my phone day and Mary A. to let me have the day off. Monday night Kelly and I went to our trainer and that is when I found out that Kelly knows everything that Jon was going to do the next day. But she wouldn't unzip her lips and tell me anything. So I went home to finish my homework and went to bed anxious to know what was going to happen the next day. I woke up the next day and Jon tells me to go and get my hair cut and my nails done. So I was able to get Brooke to do my nails at 3:30. And I was lucky I was able to get that appt with her. She is always completely booked! :-) So I went to go and get my hair cut at Supercuts where there was only one girl working. And come to know she was really good friends with My younger brother Garrick. She did a great job on my hair, I love it! I only cut three inches off and it's still long. After I got my hair done, Jon and I went and washed his car, which Jon got the pink and blue wax foam all over him and his clothes. We went to lunch with our good friend Matt and his almost girlfriend Rachael at the Olive Garden. Once lunch was over Jon went home and I went to my nail appt with Brooke. I love my nails! She did a FANTASTIC job! After my nail appt I went and dropped off my homework. While my nail appt and dropping off my homework Jon got his haircut. We went out to lunch to Goodwood, had an amazing dinner, and an amazing raspberry and blackberry cobbler with ice cream. We walked over to Famus Footwear to use my gift cards from work and to get me some new shoes. I was able to get two pairs of shoes. . some work shoes and new workout shoes. Then Jon and I went to Wal-Mart, after Famous Footwear, to get his anniversary present. Which he only picked out and we didn't get. We get home and Kelly and Anthony come over after Kelly gets off of school. Kelly and I were suppose to go to the mall to get my next present, an new outfit. But Kelly didn't get off school and to my house till 8"30 and the mall closes at 9. So instead Kelly and I went to Wal-Mart to get Jon's game that he wanted. I come home, Anthony is leaving and Kelly just drops me off. By this time I thought that the evening was over with, but I guessed wrong. When I walked down the stairs, Jon was at the bottom with a single red rose. Then he turns off all the lights, and there was a pathway of floating lite candles leading to our bedroom. When I reached our bedroom there was a dozen roses on the bed. It was amazing. I couldn't believe how he got this all together in so little time. We got ready for bed to watch a movie. Jon put in the movie that was the first movie we watched together. . . My Big Fat Greek Wedding. We both passed out around 10:30 fromt he busy and amazing day. It was a romantic, fun, exciting, amazing and a most wonderful day. I am going to remember it always.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Payson Lake 8-9-08 & 8-10-08

I know it's a little late but I was finally able to post this vacation.

On Thursday, August 7th Jon and I decided to go camping that Saturday and Sunday. We both had wanted to go camping before the summer was over. So we took the chance. Jon borrowed his mom's "Big Blue" truck and packed almost everything that we needed. On the way down to Payson we found out that Big Blue didn't have any air conditioning anymore. Big Blue has been in mom's garage for the last year or so.

Jon is always sticking out his tongue. This is just on the way up the canyon to Payson Lake. We finally get there and picked our little camp ground. This is the before we started to put up our new 3-man tent that we had bought six months earlier. lol I was excited to use our tent because it was our own and we didn't have to borrow it.

The finished product!!!! I love it!! I was proud that it didn'e take us three hours to get it up. I only took about 20 minutes.
Jon had a hand air pump for his mom's raft kit in which he used to to blow up our air mattress to put in the tent.
After we got it blown up we realized that it took up the entire tent. lol We had to leave our clothes in the truck cause they could not fit in the tent with the air mattress.

Once we finshed setting up our luxury sleeping area, Jon started to pump up the raft. We wanted to go on the lake and just relax but that didn't happen at all. It came to happen that the bottom of the boat woudl hold any air for that long. On Sunday morning we decide to go and take the raft on the lake to enjoy the morning. We we realized that the bottom of the raft will not hold air but yet water. We got about half way out in the lake when we dicided to go back in. Both mine and Jon's shorts were soaked. We had to change to be comfortable.

At the campsite we had a visiter that loved to come and see us. :)
Sunday morning Jon and I had planned a bacon and egg breakfast . . . . but the stove that we had borrowed from my parents was not working. In order to eat something without having to go into town we had Wheat Thins. Jon added his own spice to breakfast with Cheez Wiz.

I gave my use of my hand as a table so Jon could make his Wheat Thin & Cheez Wiz sandwiches before we headed off to walk around the lake.

I loved that view of the lake and the smell of trees.
I had to take this picture cause there was mist rising off the lake just on one side of the lake. This is my favorite view from Payson Lake. I have been coming here for years with my family and this was always my favorite.

Another view of from the lake.We have almost walked entirely around the lake. There were Chickmunks everywhere. It was a PERFECT day!!

This was the smallest chickmunk we had seen around the lake.

On the way back down the canyon, on our way home, Jon just loved the sky so he had to take a picture of how blue it is. You cannot see that in the city.

Hey look a picture with me in it. Finally I was thinking that I wasn't even at the vacation. lol

The Cows says moooooooooooo.. . . . I thought it was weird on how many cows they let roam next to the road.

There was this one branch that was hanging over the road that had a huge spider web wrapped around it. It was unreal. The spider must have been huge to make that big of a web.

There was one place in the canyone where the trees had grown over the road but with all the cars, trucks and trailers the trees made a sort of covering. It is pretty cool you can't really see it in the picture.

When Jon and I were walking arounf the lake and the campsites I started to take pictures of the flowers around there. I love wildflowers. It was a nice time to get away from work and the city.

This was my favorite flower out of them all. Sunflowers are amazing and beautiful!