Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bath time. . .

Finally after 2 -3 weeks after Natalie was born we were able to give her a real bath instead of a wash cloth bath. Has I had been told by others, some babies like baths others don't. Well Natalie is a baby that doesn't like baths one thing because she gets cold real fast. You can just see it in her face. Cami and Devin were very kind and gave us a baby bath for Natalie. Well her first real bath was really early in the morning and Jon was trying to put it together while I was getting her ready. Well he gave up on putting it together for he had just woke up. So we just had to use a towel to prop her up. lol She was not happy at all. But yet so cute still as she cried. 
I just can't help but laugh at this picture of her right after her bath. :) She was not happy till. . . . . 

I wrapped her up tight in her towel and held her. Oh the joys of being a mother. :)

P.S. I was able to get the baby bath put together after and I love using it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One month old

On Monday Feb. 8th, Natalie turned one month old. It seems like the time has gone by do fast. She has grown so much and can pretty much hold her head on her own now. I love all the faces she makes and enjoy every minute I can spend with her. It feels like it was just yesterday Natalie came home with us. I will post some pictures soon of her.

Other news. . . .In about four weeks I have to go back to work. It sounds like a long time but at the same time it will come so fast. It is hard to think that I will have to work and leave Natalie for most of the day. Good news. . . .  I am healing very well and can't wait to start playing indoor soccer again. It will be a lot of fun going back. Also trying to find sometime to workout or to even go walking is hard. It comes hard because I don't want to go outside with Natalie when the air quality is bad.  I am trying to figure out what exactly I can do with Natalie for the next few weeks.

About 2 weeks after Natalie was born Jon had knee surgery. (Yeah the medical bills are going to be high this year, but thank goodness for being able to use it on a tax deduction next year.) Jon had been experiencing knee pain since about November. He went and saw a orthopedic doctor to see what can be done. We were told that since it was his knee in which he had his ACL repaired when he was 16 they would have to do surgery to shave his Miniscious (sp?) if the pain doesn't go away in the next few weeks. Even with surgery the pain might come back in the years following. So Jon decided to wait to see if the his knee would just stop hurting and also because Natalie was coming. Well about 2 months passed and the pain stayed the same. So he had a doctor visit on the 18th of January to see if it was a for sure thing that needed to happen. And well he had surgery 3 days later.
I stayed home with Natalie, while Anthony, Mom Dott and Moses took care of Jon the day of surgery. I was still having the baby blues and cried the night before the surgery at the thought of leaving Natalie with someone else. It was out patient surgery, therefore he didn't have to stay over night and the actual surgery only took about an hour. He was able to walk on his leg that same day but had to stay home for 3 days to ice and elevate his knee for recovery. Plus he had to do some exercises about 3 times daily. He did well.
About 2 weeks later he had his follow-up/physical therapy appointment where they told us exactly what the doctor did. Well instead of just shaving his Miniscious they had to remove part of it. He was also diagnosed with Arthritis level 2 (there are 4 levels) in his knee. They said that he is recovering well and just needs to keep doing the exercises and riding a stationary bike 5 times a week to fully recover. But he will be in full working order hopefully in the next month.

 That is all that has gone in the last little while. . . . .  more to come soon. ;)