Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting close. . . .

This was when I was 36 weeks along. Right now I am 38 weeks. Some of my co-workers have told me that I look like I have dropped. Well it sure does feel like I have dropped. My family have taken a poll of when I will have Natalie. My dear niece said that she thought that I would have her on January 25th, which by the way is my niece's birthday. But mostly everyone says that I will have her in January and not in December, other than my mom. :) We believe we have everything for her but we will see once she is here. Jon is excited and keeps asking her to come out and play. My feet are a little swollen and it's a tight fit when I wear my work shoes. Though I am not swollen bad enough that I can't wear the shoes. I now have the "runway walk". Jon likes to make fun of me when I strout my runway walk.  It's is hard to not waddle when I walk. And it is hard to get out of the chair or to even turn over in bed. But I am enjoying the holidays even though I am in the end of the journey. 

We got our cirb. Jon was sweet and set it up the night that we got it. It didn't take him that long.

Even Anthony and Moses stopped playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to help set up the crib. Then we just had get the mattress.

The boys did great. And it all came together great. It will be nice to use it in the next couples of months. :)

Thanksgiving this year was at my parent's house. And then Jon's mom had her thanksgiving the weekend of Thanksgiving. Unfortunately we weren't able to make it to Moab this year for the Christmas tree hunt but Mom and Mark were really nice to still find us a perfect tree for our first Christmas in our home. It was the perfect height and width.

As you can see we weren't able to get many oranments on the tree. Mom gave us some ornaments but they were to heavy for the trees branches. :(  And this year I found a stocking for Natalie that matches mine and Jon's. I was wrapping presents and had shown Jon that I got some binkies for Natalie that say "I love Daddy" and "Daddy's Princess" on them. He had me wrap them and put them in her stocking. And Jon found a Santa hat that she could wear if she comes before or on Christmas. I am almost done getting all the gifts together. Just have a couple more to wrap and just need to make the cookies. :) 

Next week is going to be a busy week and I think that we are ready for it. :) I hope that everyone has a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!