Sunday, November 8, 2009

Time is flying. . .

This is me at 30 weeks and 4 days. Right now as I am writing the blog I am 32 weeks and 2 days. I would have posted earlier but we have been really busy putting our house together. Yes that is right, Jon and I did purchase a house. :) It was hard but we got there. We painted, added chair rail and fix little hardware things before we actually moved in. Thank you to everyone who helped us get into our place. Now we just have to finish unpacking and de-junking and getting our new windows installed (thank you Devin for the windows). Oh and Christmas decorations, not too many but I would like to have a real Christmas tree to put presents under.

Just a little under 2 months and our little Natalie will be here. We still have a lot to get for her but we wanted to wait for that till we got into the house. Now it is on to getting completely ready for her arrival. :) It is going to a busy holiday season but it will make the last trimester go by fast for me. Has I have heard from others who have been pregnant that the last semester goes by slow. Thank goodness for the holidays, family and friends to keep me busy and on my toes to make time fly.

Well hopefully with everything that is planned for the holidays I will be able to still blog a little about the events. If I don't have time, Happy Holidays to everyone. :)