Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The last month. . .

Sorry it has been a while since the last post but here it is. . . 
I have had ingrown toenails for a while now and finally grew the courage to call the foot doctor to get them removed. Jon had had the same procedure a few years back and I was with him when they did it. It honestly looked painful. That is why I was holding out on getting them removed
 The procedure was actually not bad at all. I just couldn't watch them give me the shots in the toes to make my toe numb. But other than that I watch the entire thing. hahahahaha! They killed the root of the nail on the sides where I had the ingrown toenails so that it will not happen again. It has been over 3 weeks since the nails were removed and they are still healing for the fact that they were so deep. I guess that is what happens when you let them go and on of the the nails so to deep that the nail is trying to poke out the top of your toe. The funny thing was that I didn't feel any pain with them unless someone or something hit my toes. I would have to say though that it is nice to not have to worry about them any longer.

We noticed on Friday, July 2nd that Natalie popped her first tooth. I don't know if you can see it in the picture but I will try and get it again and post it. 

Natalie hasn't popped another tooth yet but we are waiting for it.

The 4th of July 3rd of July was a lot of fun. First of all my Dad and I save spot for the Murray parade the night before. We were surprised how fast the spots went. But we were able to save enough spots for everyone. 

My family (left to right) Dad (looking down at something), Richard, Amanda, Mom and Mekensy and Arcadia on the blanket in the front. 

The rest of the fam. . .Carl, Andrea and Little Natalie in the stroller. 

My good friends. . . (left to right back) Sindra, Brian, Devin holding baby Grace and Paul. (left to right front) Abbie, Cami, Heath and Hailey. ** We missed Jodi, Matt, Kymbree and Matt's mom sadly they weren't able to make it. **

I love the look she was giving me. She was just to interested in the parade to turn and give me a picture without the look. hahaha! Natalie love just watching everyone pass. She is definitely a people watcher. 

Arcadia and Mekensy waiting for them to throw candy. 

Also that day my family went to Lagoon. I haven't been in a while and I didn't know how Natalie would handle being there all day. Jon doesn't like Theme Parks but I love them. But Jon had to work that day so he wasn't to upset that he couldn't go. haha! It was the perfect weather for a Lagoon day. Not to hot that all you could think about is going swimming and not too cold that you wanted to go home. It was perfect. 
The stamp was huge for the passes we got. It didn't even fit Natalie's hand completely. 

Arcadia and Mekensy couldn't wait to go on all the rides they could. Natalie was too little still, of course, to go on any ride other than the Carousel.
Though Natalie couldn't ride any rides she loved watching the people walking by. I was amazed about how well she did. 
 Natalie and I waiting for her cousins to finish her ride. I am glad that I found this hat. She does just fine with it on other than if it pulls down over her eyes. She kind of looks like a fisherman. . . doesn't she? 

It was a great day! Thank you Mom and Dad for the fun family Lagoon day.
Natalie went for her first swim Tuesday July 6th in Grandma Habel's pool.  

First time in the water with Daddy.

She chilled the entire time. Relaxing and enjoying the pool. 

Natalie's complete swimming outfit that Grandma Habel got her. 

Natalie turned 6 months on July 8th. She is getting big her stats are. . . 

16 lbs 1 oz
(60th percentile)
26 3/8ths inches long
(60th percentile)
about 17 inches
(30th percentile)

For the last week of so Natalie has also started crawling. . . 

According to the Doctor she is ahead of schedule on sitting up, rolling over and crawling. But no surprise there when her cousin started walking when he was 10 months. I guessing it is a Whitehorn gene. There have been times I catch her in the kitchen. She is not fast yet but  I don't doubt she will get there. We have also caught Natalie partial able to pull her self up on something to stand. But since Jon would palm Natalie she would grab his arm with her feet and try to stand up. 
Sorry it is sideways. . . this is Jon catching Natalie as she tries to stand.

In other news. . . . . Our central air conditioning slowly stop working over a course of a week. One of the days it reached up to 92 degrees upstairs. During that time we started camping out downstairs. It was kind of fun while it lasted. But we got it working again and are now enjoying the entire house now.

Well that is all for now. 

Lot of Love,


chamer said...

I finally got to watch the video today and seriously I just saw her I swear and she was not crawling like that! She is so cute and getting way to big!

Mike and Christina Jenson said...

What a fun 4th of July weekend! I can't believe how cute Natalie is getting! That is pretty amazing that she is already crawling. What fun times!